National Bank Chain Uses Construction Cameras to Boost Efficiency

Posted August 31, 2017
By J.P. Schaaf, Enterprise Sales Manager, OxBlue


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Planning and opening new locations is a major endeavor for any organization, especially for a national bank chain with over 700 locations and 40,000 employees worldwide. Opening new bank branches and renovating/expanding existing locations is very involved, requiring a streamlined planning process, transparency with stakeholders, and optimal efficiency. This national bank chain has found that through the use of OxBlue construction cameras, they have been able to decrease spending, improve internal communications, and boost productivity as they continue to scale.

Process Improvement

While opening new branches, the national bank chain was able to achieve process improvement by having OxBlue construction cameras on the jobsites of its remodel and tenant improvement build-out projects that are completed between 30 and 90 days. Using the camera’s interface, stakeholders were able to monitor project progress, as well as facilitate team accountability. During one particular build-out, the national bank chain learned by reviewing camera images that an on-site subcontractor was double-charging for labor. Management was able to seamlessly address the situation in a timely manner, hold the subcontractors accountable, and press on with construction efforts. Having the construction team routinely review the OxBlue images as a part of their workflow, the institution can easily identify potential issues.

This national bank chain recently rolled out a program to renovate and update many of their existing branches, ranging from approximately 5,000-SF to 12,000-SF worldwide. Since the locations are currently occupied and utilized during daytime hours, the majority of construction work takes place overnight. By utilizing OxBlue time-lapse construction cameras on their renovation sites, the bank could eliminate the potential for burnout of upper-level management. The cameras mitigated the need for staff to be on site late at night, as personnel could track the project’s progress towards critical milestones and plan ahead by accessing the video from their own homes in the evenings.

Marketing and Public Relations

Launching new projects and expanding is often a multi-faceted endeavor requiring information and updates to be circulated among many different departments within an organization. For example, as trends and consumer behaviors relating to brick-and-mortar banks began to shift, this national bank chain saw the necessity of rolling out an innovative and unique prototype as a way of adapting. Being largely conceptual, the department overseeing the prototype strategy sought to show off their progress, as well as validate a sizeable budget to upper-level management; time-lapse footage from OxBlue cameras helped the department justify the time, effort, and resources involved in making their concept a reality, and consequently re-engage the market.

Success with OxBlue

The national bank chain was able to achieve significant cost savings, improve planning ability and processes, as well as enhance internal communication efforts through the use of OxBlue construction cameras on their renovation and new build projects. Whether opening new storefronts or launching innovative ideas internally, OxBlue’s time-lapse cameras assist with making new ventures more manageable and accessible for project managers, construction teams, and employees at all levels.

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J.P. Schaaf

Enterprise Sales Manager

J.P. is an enterprise sales manager at OxBlue Corp., a leading provider of construction camera systems used by construction professionals and project owners since 2001 to monitor and manage jobsites around the world.